Host your own private screening with Cineworx. Through our private virtual theater, you can enjoy a deluxe screening room set up for you and your handpicked guests. Whether you’re a production company, independent filmmaker, or corporation looking to share your content, dailies, cuts, or final products with a selected audience, we can help. 

You’d benefit from the TLS encryption, with the option for geo-blocking, password protections, IP tracking, and text overlays. 

Even better, our integrated security oversees streaming, encoding, and key platform that will securely transfer files to your handpicked spectators. There are no file size or geographic limitations at Cineworx, making us one of the most convenient digital cinema service providers worldwide.  

Benefits of Renting a Private Virtual Theater from Cineworx

  1. You get to choose what movie you want to watch. Whether it’s a new release or an old classic, you can watch the film on the big screen without having to buy a ticket or wait in line.
  2. You can enjoy the coolness factor of having an entire auditorium to yourself. And you get to control who is in the theater with you.
  3. Booking a theater with us is easy. You can submit a form to send your screening details; you don’t need to work with an event planner. It’s truly just as easy as planning to see a movie like you normally would.
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