Let Cineworx encode your exhibition DCP using Industry Standard Dolby stacks. Dobly provides the best on-screen images and Dolby Atmos audio mapping.

You’ll relish the peace of mind of knowing that your film will be showcased with the best possible screening scenario.

Note: some festivals now accept digital uploads, and you may or may not require a physical DCP. Please check the festival requirements to learn more.

We Have Your Master

Cineworx understands how difficult and overwhelming the film festival and distribution process can be for indie filmmakers.

You hopefully budgeted for your exhibition content! This is a common “oops” to new Filmmakers when budgeting.

Let our team of experts provide your Dolby encoded DCP once your film has been completed and exported.

Visit our Tech Specs page to learn how to export your files properly.

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Content Delivery

Read the invitation letter the festival has provided you. All the information on their requirements will be listed within.

Please note that some festivals accept only digital uploads. Cineworx will encode and deploy your digital file to the festivals you designate over our encrypted server.

If you need a physical DCP, copy that, we’d be happy to provide you a physical copy as well.

If your film is part of a Streaming Only event, you won’t need a DCP, just an mp4, H264, or H265 file. If your film is part of a Hybrid event, you will need a DCP and a Streaming file mentioned.


Step One: Exporting From Your Timeline

Export your file as a ProRes422 or DVNx. ProRes422 is the standard for DCP encoding, and your film will look brilliant. Stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 are the audio choices. Note: By submitting a ProRes4444, you are tripling your file size, which will, in turn, make your upload much longer.

You can gauge your transfer time by answering a couple of questions here. But feel free to use your ProRes4444 file if you are so inclined.

If you need further info, check out our Tech Specs page here for exporting preferences.


• The standard frame rate for DCP encoding is 24, 25, and 60.
• A “full container” is not recommended, as most projection systems (venues) cannot screen a full container. Your images may appear to be “cut off.”
• If your film is color-corrected, please provide us with your export gamma by consulting your editor or colorist. Otherwise, your colors may not look the way you intended onscreen.
• You will need two separate files to screen live and virtually. The ProRes422 is for your DCP encoding and an H264 or H265 file for streaming. Ensure your editor exports the two files.
• Subtitles should be burned in. If the subtitles are available in multiple languages, please provide properly named .srt files for each language to which they were translated.

Step Two: Upload

We will provide a link to our portal for your upload. You will be asked to
download the client-side app to your computer. It takes 15 seconds to do so. Make sure to give permissions in your security setting to access your file.

The platform will encrypt and optimize the transfer your file. You can test how long your upload will take to upload HERE.

If your speeds are slow, you may consider uploading overnight. You can test your upload speeds by using Ookla or another testing platform for your speed.


If your film takes off and you find yourself screening back-to-back or at overlapping festivals, we offer concierge print traffic for the tracking and deployment of your film.

We’ll generate a grid and share with your team. The grid is updated in real-time, so you know exactly where your film is, screening dates and times, and what type of file was deployed. This leaves you free to enjoy your festival run and not worry about whether or not the film is in the hands of the designated event.

Pro Concierge

Cineworx also offers concierge print traffic when your film becomes popular and your festival run becomes a series of screenings. Many successful filmmakers have found it liberating to utilize this service and not worry about getting their content delivered.

All you have to do is provide us with the festival’s name, traffic contact information, and the deadline date. We will take it from there and send you a comprehensive grid that includes the festival’s name, date shipped, tracking information, etc. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We would be happy to answer them.