Submission Guidelines and Technical Requirements

It Is Up to You to Follow the Protocol

The information you will need to prepare your exported content for DCP encoding is summed up below. Following the guidelines will ensure your film will exhibit the way you intended it to be seen and heard. We recommend reading your invitation and following the festival’s guidelines and deadlines. They are here to show your film; be respectful of what little they ask of you.

Accepted File Types

• ProRes 444XQ
• ProRes 4444
• ProRes 422HQ
• ProRes 422
• DNxHR 444

• H.264
• H.265

Color Gamma

Acceptable Color Space

Quicktime, Avid, and Premiere files have a default export of REC709 having a 2.4 gamma. Please advise us if your film has been color-corrected. Failure to do so may result in your projected color being “off.” Check with your colorist or editor and provide us the “exported gamma” of your ProRes or DNxHR file.

To ensure brilliant onscreen color, you should export as one of the options below:

• Rec709 2.42 Gamma
• Rec709 2.35 Gamma
• Rec709 2.4 Gamma
• P3D65


Required channel assignment for 5.1 Dolby.

1. Left Channel
2. Right Channel
3. Center Channel
4. Low Frequency (FX)
5. Left Surround
6. Right Surround

• Left and Right Channels
• Mono Is Not Acceptable for DCP Encoding
• Please Remove Silent Tracks

Oscar Eligibility

Should you submit to the Academy for consideration, please use this link to obtain current Oscar eligibility rules.

Note that if your film is being delivered to a festival and it does not follow their requirements, you could potentially forfeit your exhibition. Please read all festival requirements and follow their protocol.

Do not hesitate to email or call us at (941) 702-0200 during regular business hours for more information.