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Preferred Provider of Digital Deliverables

Our Dolby Stacks Ensure That Your DCP Is Compatible With Projection Systems On A Global Scale

Digital Cinema Package Provider

At Cineworx, your content is guaranteed to receive the careful attention it deserves, configured with Dolby audio and video stacks. 

We provide cost-effective Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) services for your accepted Filmmakers. All of our DCPS are compatible with global projection systems and will maintain the best possible screening scenario.

Cineworx’s & Film Festivals

Partnering with Film Festivals

Our streamlined, turnkey solutions make life easier for film festivals and their accepted filmmakers, allowing you to focus on more important things. Accredited filmmakers also appreciate our discounted encoding rates. 

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Cineworx & Indie Filmmakers

DCP Encoding

Take advantage of our discounted DCP encoding prices when heading to a festival run. We’ll collect your ProRes, encode your DCP and can deliver a digital or physical copy to the Festival you prescribe.

DCPs are encoded using industry-standard Dolby stacks to ensure the best screening scenario.  The audience will be pleased to receive beautiful onscreen images and dynamic sound!

 Nobody knows digital cinema like Dolby & Cineworx.

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We Value Security

Cineworx utilizes Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure all transfers in flight.

As part of our commitment to security, Cineworx utilizes the tools used by Hollywood studios, broadcasters, and sports leagues to protect your data.

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Tech Requirements

DCPS are required for most festivals screening in live venues. The encoding process requires ProRes422 files with a .mov extension for the best quality screening.  

Using larger ProRes file such as a ProRes4444 on your export do not mean your images will be cleaner, a misunderstanding by most. DCP encoding requires ProRes422 with the appropriate audio placement.

For a virtual streaming event, you must provide an MP4, H264, or H265 file with Stereo audio. These are the only accepted formats for streamed or virtual events. 

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Partner with Us

Cineworx handles our diverse clientele professionally and diligently. We believe by providing excellent communication and real time updates is imperative for a successful relationship and event. 

About Us

Providing digital cinema services since the inception, Cineworx offers tailored solutions to meet your digital cinema mastering needs. In addition, we archive, deploy, and provide concierge print traffic services to a wide range of global clients.

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